For this weekend’s WHP the theme was WHPfamilyrecipe and I immediately pulled out a cook book I began over a decade ago full of recipes of family and friends.  I decided I wanted to make my grandmother’s cake!  I thought that doing a time lapse video so people could see the cake in the making, and then I would take a few shots as well with a separate phone.  I took my phone and with painters tape attached it to the light fixture above my kitchen island… then I used the iPhone’s time lapse mode in the camera to record the entire process.  I brought the movie into the iMovie app to cut out the part when the cake was in the oven and then voila video was ready to post!

torta della nonna | my grandmother’s cake.
I still remember the excitement of my nonna coming over and bringing her chocolate ricotta cake, my father would be the most excited, and whatever was left after dinner would be enjoyed at breakfast! when I pulled my recipe book out for@instagram‘s #WHPfamilyrecipe I knew this is what I had to make!

WHPfamilyrecipe by @carolyn_mara

Here is the write up Instagram posted about this weekend’s hashtag project:

  Weekend Hashtag Project:#WHPfamilyrecipe

The goal this weekend is to make photos and videos of the food traditions that bring your family together. Here’s how to get started:
Pay attention to details to photograph while you’re cooking, like colorful ingredients, worn recipe cards and special table settings.

Use video to capture the process of making a meal, not just the plated dish — with a focus on lively moments like tossing pizza dough or precisely chopping a row of fresh vegetables.

Tell more of the visual story behind your favorite recipes by sharing who you eat your meals with, where it is that you cook and the ways we come together around food.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the#WHPfamilyrecipe hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday.

For more examples and inspiration, check out blog.instagram.com

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