let’s talk about chunky knitting

I was first introduced to arm knitting when my dear friend Michelle Gardella told me that I should try it out.  We spent an afternoon FaceTiming and watching a YouTube video on how it was done and in a matter of hours I had made my first blanket!  Over the course of the next year I made blankets left and right with a cheap yarn made from acrylic and nylon that was suggested in that first video. Friends from out of town would come for a visit and pretty much every single one left with a blanket that they made during an evening watching a movie together! Since then I have graduated to working with beautiful hand spun wools and big needles, I found a wonderful online shop, Ohhio, that even has a great DIY starter kit that comes with the needles and right amount of yarn for the size blanket you hope to make!  Plus they have wonderful online video tutorials to help you get started.  I recommend trying it out, in the end you will have a wonderful chunky knit blanket of your very own!

chunky knitting

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