need a way to express yourself?

Without creative self-expression, I lose myself. Somewhere between the emotional ups and downs and the chaos of life, I loose my voice.  Art brings me back. As fundamental to my heart as the air I breathe.

I studied photography, receiving my MFA from the School of Visual Arts, and while it gave me a good foundation it didn't make me an artist.  Life got messy and things got tough, I needed to let out my pain so I began turning the camera on myself and creating as a means of self expression and somewhere along the way my true artist self emerged.

Just like that, creativity, was my answer. A bad day could be turned around by ten minutes of walking alone into a room with a camera and a plan. Some people do yoga. Some people run for miles at sunrise. For me, self portrature is my sanity. It keeps me plugged into my creative truth, always, and that, is everything.

New class coming soon....

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