oh ya know, just an Instagram feature


I was having a pretty bad day when an email came into my inbox from none other than Instagram.  One of the guys who ran the WHP was writing to tell me week after week he had come to notice, and like, what I had been creating and he was wondering if I was interested in being interviewed about my process. Um…. YES!  I’m not gonna lie, I was really really excited.  It felt good to be noticed for the work I had been doing and also it was nice to hear that there were a small group of people that looked at all the submissions each week.

When we talked he explained that he and another person spent their Mondays reviewing every single submission.  And when we talked about people I had seen and loved their work I was surprised to hear that he always knew who I was talking about and would respond with something like – oh ya that was great but what about what they did this other week.  It showed me how what I once thought was this big company with no face actually had not only a face but a beating heart.  So if you too have hopes of an Instagram feature then taking creative images for the WHP might be the way to get there.  I had been submitting shots for almost exactly a year, week after week without fail, when I was contacted.  So keep on shooting, and submitting!!

To read the article Instagram posted on their blog click HERE or to see the feature on the Instagram feed click HERE.  And to see more of my Instagram images you can always visit my feed HERE.

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