he wanted a sister


I shared this story on Instagram the other day, the story of when Giacomo told me we were going to have a baby. I had had many losses by this point and the last pregnancy I had (and lost) I was so fearful when I found out.  But the time I got pregnant with my baby girl I was calmer because of this…..

he wanted a sister | would pray for one at night, wanting to be a big brother too. then one day, when I was alone with the boys at a Thai restaurant, he said “I won’t always be the youngest in the family.” I asked him what he meant to which he replied “God told me we are going to have a baby in January.” I went home and cried, wondering if he could possibly be right or if listening to him was crazy and setting myself up for more disappointment. but one week later the test was positive, and I was due in January. I was undetectably pregnant when he said that, but I was pregnant, and God told him so.

I was amazed to hear that something similar had happened to others, some wrote comments and yet others send direct messages with their stories.  It is pretty incredible and certainly something that will stay with me for the rest of my life!

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