family tapestry – first five minute

this summer I decided I wanted to focus on creating art with my children… keeping them involved in my passion and my art has always been at the forefront of my parenting style but when I heard about my dear friend  michelle gardella’s class ” Family Tapestry” at the DEFINE school I decided to enroll.  I had interviewed michelle for the childhood unplugged blog about this class a while back and had been wanting to take it.  I am always up for direction and ideas when it comes to creating!  I tend to love prompts and assignments!  This week I was given the assignment to leave my camera on my nightstand when I went to bed and photograph the very first five minutes of my day when we woke up in the morning.  As soon as my youngest walked in the door to say good morning I opened the blinds and and took a shot of him and his papa.  after a few he asked if he could take some of us… this is my FAVORITE shot of the bunch… the focus is all wrong (i think our hands are the focus point, ha) but it feels just perfect all the same! papa grabbed the camera and took a few of my boys and I and then our first five minutes were up.  I am loving creating this beautiful family tapestry of images and art project with my family and this project in particular has been a favorite… I am tempted to do it again, and again, and again!

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