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Creativity and imagination have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember: from magical castles in the woods behind my childhood home, to art class at school and eventually to photography. As I embraced the art of photography I explored all facets and directions until I began to get comfortable in my little niche. I experimented with documentary photography, fashion photography, and portraiture. I shot (and didn’t love) large format landscape photography, and did family photography and a few weddings. And then, after years of searching, I realized my sweet spot was somewhere between personal and conceptual, something that I kept going back to. I learned how personally fulfilling creating was and eventually the shift turned from just want to need. I realized that the emotions I often kept inside poured out in my art and I felt a healing release.    (from Prompting Creativity) 

I began to use photography to help me survive the tough moments in life, from dealing with my husband’s depression (which you can read more about HERE) to dealing with infertility (HERE). I found that my pain could live in my images and this helped me move on, if even just from the pain of that very day.


Through the classes I have taught first through The iArtist Collective and then at The DEFINE School I met hundreds of people who were searching for a way to find the artist living within, who wanted to not just be a photographer but rather use photography as their means of self expression.

What would happen if you were having a bad day, and life felt unmanageable, but instead of sulking or crying or retreating you created.  What what happen if you could release your pain in your art and not only make something but feel better after you did?  Art as therapy can be empowering!


I recently had my long awaited baby girl and teaching classes is not on my agenda for a while, but if you are interested in 1 on 1 mentoring I will open a few spots every three months!  Reach out via email and write MENTORING in the subject line!

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