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childhood unplugged

With me living up north this fall/winter waiting for baby sister to grow in my belly I have seen the boys twice this past month.  We are trying to make this a big ole adventure for everyone!  The second trip was for them to come up to New Jersey where I have been spending time with my dear friend and their auntie, Audrey.

We decided that one day we would drive to Princeton to see where their papa went to school.  Massimo loved seeing the college campus and couldn’t stop asking questions about where his classes were and the dorms and the library and on and on.  He can’t wait to go to college one day and has a list of his top 7, all but one outside of Florida.  Little brother isn’t so happy about all these talk of leaving and just wishes that everyone could stay in Miami forever, he keeps saying how great UM is and there is no reason to leave.  When asked over dinner that night what he thought of Princeton, Giacomo said that it was nothing like what he expected, instead of “normal” it looked like Hogwarts!

This month is the three year anniversary of childhood unplugged which means that each month for the last 36 months I have photographed my children, and what a blessing it has been.  I am always so grateful to Monica Calderin for inviting me on this journey because not only does it remind me of the importance of raising my children to love the art of imagination and adventure but I have recorded them doing so, something I am certain I would have not done with such dedication if it weren’t for this project.  So considering that this month we were able to spend time with Audrey Blake Breheney and her children and not only is she our dearest friend but also is a member of childhood unplugged we went out together with balloons in tow to have a bit of fun.  We went to the Highlawn Pavilion to visit a memorial to those who lost their lives on 9/11, see a view of New York City, and have a bit of fun with our friends!  To see more images of our adventure visit Audrey’s post!


Take a moment to view the work of the other Childhood Unplugged photographers by clicking here.  Also you can follow us on Instagram @childhoodunplugged and use our hashtag #childhoodunplugged for a chance to be featured!  We all thank you for your constant support and encourage you to be part of the childhood unplugged movement!

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