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Every year in the spring I devote one Childhood Unplugged shoot to taking the “red chair pictures” something that I have done with my boys since they were just weeks old.  As a way to measure their growth I sat them on the red chair and photographed them each month for their first year of life and then on their birthdays ever since, it is a tradition that I love and am happy to have them to look back on and see how they have changed.  To see 2015 click HERE and for 2014 click HERE.  This year we did the images but also added a little video to the mix!

childhood unplugged

Also this month I decided to video and photograph the boys under the sheets.  I had re-watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind after years of not seeing it but had always remembered the shots on the bed and under the sheets.  Visually I loved it and used it as my inspiration. Also, for the video, I wanted to show the growth of the boys and was incredibly inspired by Ashley Jennet’s recent video (you can see it HERE, and you should watch!) where she asked her son a series of questions.  It reminded me of some of the videos I used to do way back when the boys were young (you can see 6 month old Giac and 2 and a half year old Massi HERE) and motivated me to do it again!

childhood unplugged


Take a moment to view the work of the other Childhood Unplugged photographers by clicking here.  Also you can follow us on Instagram @childhoodunplugged and use our hashtag #childhoodunplugged for a chance to be featured!  We all thank you for your constant support and encourage you to be part of the childhood unplugged movement!

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