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Jam sessions seem to be happening more and more in our house and it makes me so so happy!  Massi loves playing on his guitar and while he is learning to read music and play songs note by note he is also experimenting with cords, something he has yet to learn in his lessons.  When Giacomo joins in for a little dancing it always turns into entertainment so this time I thought I would capture it so we can always remember.

I always wanted to play the guitar, even took it in college for a semester, but it hurt my fingers and I wasn’t any good.  When my son asked for a guitar when we turned five and showed an interest in playing I was obviously very excited.  My father and brother both play as does Jim’s father so even though we didn’t get the music gene from our fathers hopefully it was passed down to our children!  They both take lessons, one guitar and the other piano, and seem to like it.  Especially Massi.  My fingers are crossed that he continues, because a boy showing up at college with his guitar is pretty cool!


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