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Instilling a love of art in my children is something I hold near and dear and part of that is making trips to see art fun!  In Miami we have a great art scene and the PAMM, Perez Art Museum Miami, has been a wonderful place to take the boys.  On this trip I wanted them to pick their favorite piece in the museum but they had to wait until we left to tell us their choices.  They both fell in love with an exhibit of west Australian aboriginal art and we spent a lot of time in there.  At a certain point an older man was interested in their discussion and started asking them questions.  Massi asked him if he worked at the museum and he told the boys he was just retired and bored and loved it there.  My boys took to him and learned things I would have never thought to teach them.  In the end they both chose pieces from that exhibit as their favorites and Giacomo even wants to try to paint one on his own, even though he says “painting all those dots takes lots of patience!”  It was a truly wonderful experience and I look forward to taking them to see more art this month at Miami Basel!

childhood unplugged


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