I'm an artist, a photographer, a mentor, a friend and a mama to three beautiful souls... when life gets tough I use creativity to help get me through; and when things are good I create for the pure pleasure of creating!

This is my journal, a place where I write about the trials and joys of being human, record the life of my little loves and share behind the scenes of my creations. I received my MFA in photography because I loved the medium but over the course of the last decade I began to realize that creating was my lifeline.

Life started out picture perfect and in my mid 20s I moved to a new town with my new husband and had a beautiful baby boy, two years later I had a second… we had our moments but overall things were swell, until they weren’t.  His depression consumed him and I was isolated and alone. I turned to art as my means of expression.  As things improved we began to try for that third child we both longed for, but unlike conceiving the boys this journey would turn out to be painful turn after turn and loss after loss.  Again I turned to creating as a means to release my pain and move on.  


Learning how to channel my love of creating into therapeutic release has empowered me and (I know it sounds dramatic but… ) saved me.

Ask those closest to me and they will all tell you – I’m a lover, and a supporter and helping people unleash their inner artist is kinda my thing. Holding onto our stress and anxiety and pain doesn’t allow us to live as fully as we could and finding ways to release it through creative expression can be that answer!

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